Monday, July 14, 2014

One Day Hamburg

Still writing about my trip last May…well, it is a late article. Haha…sorry but better late than never. I was in Hamburg for only a day. That was the first time I visited Germany. Happenly it was Hamburg which typically almost the same with Rotterdam. It’s a port city with many imigrants. In this case, Turkish.  I found also a tiny Indonesian store there. I spent whole day in Hamburg just walking around its centrum from the famous Rathaus to Alster Lake. Felt cold. More antique buildings compared to Rotterdam and also many Starbucks. At noon I had lunch at a Turkish resto Lades. What I missed from Hamburg was the giant sculpture in Lake Alster called “The Bathing Lady”. I wasn’t browsing enough to find exactly the location is. But I did some long walking along the lake’s boulevard. In short : no more Hamburg but I want to visit Munich and the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle. Aufwiedersehen…

Around the centrum :

Rathaus out and in :

Lake Alster :

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