Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekend in Paris

Ah…finally Paris! Paris…Paris…France. A dream city. A love city they say… It was something that made me felt bizarre (in a good way) when I knew finally I was going to visit Paris. Me and husband were in Paris for a weekend. The atmosphere of Paris was so magically different with other European cities we have visited. Gorgeous gigantic old palaces in every corner, Seine river, love locks on bridges, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre and surely Eiffel… we had only a bit complain with unstable weather that keep changing from sunny-cloudy-to-rainy on our first day. And people there seem to be difficult to speak English haha… Gosh, French sounds beautiful. But we don’t understand French and asked someone in English when we were lost one time in underground metro station. 

We joined a tour by bus and spent a night in a hotel outside Paris, in Rungis.  First day we spent around half day in central of Paris and second day we went to Montmartre and a glance of Louvre.  I even like the kebab we ate as lunch in Paris. And apartments in Paris are so so so impressive. Flowers in balcony, some artsy sculps on corners. Must come back there for Versailles…must! Insya Allah :)

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