Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Selera Anda

Today let’s try some Indonesian cuisine…my husband showed his fave Indonesian restaurant in Leiden. And there we were going in one nice (but rainy) weekend. Besides Leiden, Selera Anda also has other branches in Amstelveen and Badhoevedorp. In Leiden it’s a small restaurant with around 4 white tables. We can choose various food inside an etalage along with rice, yellow rice (nasi kuning), fried rice (nasi goreng) and lontong,. The various food eatable to accompany rice are rendang (most popular Indonesian dish), served in spicy and not-spicy choices. There are also chicken with sweet-sour sauce, capcay (veggie, actually the dish influenced by Chinese), tahu/tofu and tempe (both made from soya bean), Ayam Rica (or ritja in Dutch way), sate and many other dishes. They have also Indonesian snacks like Spekkoek (I call it Lapis Legit), Risolles, Lumpia, etc. It’s glad to find a place that connected with the land I come from. Anyway, the girl who served us was a Moroccan student works on weekend. She was surprised when she found out we are a married couple Moroccan-Indonesian :)

Find more information about the resto at They have also catering and party service.

Short Review :

  • Location : Steenstraat 31, 2312 BT, Leiden (near Leiden Station)
  • Service : Costumers choose food they want, the friendly servant (how do I call the person who serve?) will place the food onto a plate and heaten it up inside a microwave then serve it on table. Self-service for drink.
  • Ambience : It is a small and clean resto. Casual. Many customers just choose and take away the food.
  • Price : They offer meal packages consist of nasi with several dishes. Priced from 8,95-13,50 euro.
  • Taste : I like their dishes. It is an Indonesian taste but not too spicy, their style is more to a sweet cooking. I like also the spekkoek.

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