Friday, January 31, 2014

Restaurant Safir

My first review of a dining place in Holland finally posted today :p Well, I’m not a resto or food expert I’m just telling how I experienced when I enjoy a meal in a resto. I forget the date me and husband coming to Restaurant Safir for dinner but I remember a long walk from central to south of Rotterdam passing Erasmus Bridge haha…

Safir is a fancy Moroccan restaurant. They serve halal meat but wine also available. We ordered complete menu from appetizer, main course and dessert. We got also Moroccan mint tea, olive and bread. As a start we tasted kreeftsoep (lobster soup) and calamari salad. Brochettes amir (beef) and brochettes de poulet (chicken) are our main course. Brochettes to me as Indonesian is almost same as large-sized sate without peanut sauce. Brochettes served with potato, rice and some veggies. Our dinner closed with delightful desserts Tiramisu and Glace Safir (cream with strawberry sauce, pistachio and vanilla). We also ordered refreshing orange juice. View other information about Safir at and don’t forget to make reservation before you come.

Short Review :

  • Location : Entrepothaven, Vijf Werelddelen 91, Rotterdam, Phone 010 4862318
  • Service : We were served by one Moroccan lady and she served also all guests (around 3 or 4 tables at that time). She is friendly, and told me she likes also Indonesian cuisine. From time we ordered until the food served on our table was a bit too long, I guess they gave us chance to enjoy more the resto’s ambience but we were hungry haha...
  • Ambience : Full of Moroccan decoration style from music, chairs, lamps and photos. When you entered the resto it’s a small lobby with tables and chairs, you have to go downstair. There you find the underground big space as the main dining room.
  • Price : Our complete menu for 2 persons charged around 75 euro.
  • Taste : Yumm…I like all their dishes. Delicious soup and calamari, well-cooked meat and delightful desserts. Oh, I’m full…

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