Friday, January 31, 2014

Images of Maastricht & Den Haag

Still I post some images of cities in Holland. Most of our weekend (me&husband) spent by visiting around cities in Holland by train. We currently often visit Maastricht as my parents-in-law live there. Maastricht lies in south of Holland near the border of Belgium and Germany. It’s a small quite old city but the centrum area as shopping center is crowded on weekends. My husband showed me the oldest bridge and street in Holland. I think the church also one of the oldest. 

Den Haag. Center of Holland Government where the Prime Minister office is here. Also Embassy of Indonesia and a street named ‘Javastraat’ hehe… I like Den Haag, especially part of city that consist of beautiful grand old buildings. 50% people in Den Haag are foreigners. I think that’s why I see more Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan, Indonesian etc restaurants here. We also walked around the famous beach Scheveningen. 

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