Friday, July 26, 2013

Bakmi Naga

One day me + my mum had lunch at this restaurant : Bakmi Naga. My second time visiting Bakmi Naga and I want to order something else this time. Their main signature dish of course Bakmi. Bakmi Ayam and Bakmi Sapi, with other various toppings such as mushroom, green veggies, pangsit, etc. Besides Bakmi, you also find Ifumie, Nasi Goreng and snacks with coffee, tea, juices and other kinds of beverages and freshies. Just don’t order a coconut juice, no difference than a coconut milk :p Bakmi Naga is a Bakmi restaurant from Jakarta and open its branch in cities outside Jakarta.

Short Review :

  • Location : Bandung Indah Plaza, Jalan Merdeka Bandung
  • Service : Nothing special…good
  • Ambience : Indoor with couches (on dining hours you almost can’t sit indoor because it’s always full) and outdoor smoking section with chairs on mall terrace
  • Taste : Yummy… the Bakmi is soft, taste not too salty. We love it. But the Red Bean Ice definitely not my fave, red beans mixed with chocolate milk is not too impressive for my tongue
  • Price : affordable, around Rp. 18K-44K for Bakmi

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