Monday, March 11, 2013

The Book of Codes

This book titled Book of Codes written by Zaynur Ridwan is a farewell gift I had since January. I finally finished reading it after more than a month and the book is not thick at all. Mr. Ridwan has been writing 5 books with similar theme : worlds economic phenomenon, conspiracy and Islamic history novels. I was planning to collect all his books but then now I think one is enough. The story is quite interesting especially because I love history books (what a nerd…haha..). The writer put a fiction characters into a real structure of world conspiration involving a huge amount of treasure in bonds financial instruments that represent gold saving, belong to east nations (China, Indonesia, Philipines, etc) that managed by west nations stated in an agreement made in the past between leaders for humanity purposes. In present time, China tries to get back their golds and here where the point of story begins. All information about these gold accounts was saved in a secret book called : The Book of Codes. Started with the arrest of an Indonesian named Adipati by Italian finance police, the story then took journey around Italy, Netherland and Swiss to find the master of the secret book, discovering a high-level Freemansory meeting. 

How the novel ended? In my opinion, the writer decided not to put a clear completion, readers may assume how it would go concerning the big truth of world economics. Would it be finally revealed or kept with its own risks ?

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