Monday, March 11, 2013

Kedai Ling Ling

At one afternoon I spared my time to join bunch of youngsters lining-up to order some food from a booth named Kedai Ling Ling. I want to try their famous Mango Dessert with Jelly. Months ago I ate their Okonomiyaki and wants some more. But this time I was curious for a portion of Modonyaki which have similar appearance as Okonomiyaki. This kedai is very popular…people just come there, order, wait for the food in queue then eat in open air. Next, I want to try their Green Tea beverages. I love any food and drink made from Green Tea :)

 Full of people there...

 Mango Dessert...not too sweet means good....

Okonomiyaki, look a mess but this is delicious :)

I got missed in taking pictures of the food, I took from another blog :p

Short Review :

  • Place : located on Jalan Cihampelas (before flyover right side) and Jalan Sultan Agung. The one on Cihampelas has more complete menu, they also provide ramen noodle in bigger booth.
  • Ambience : it’s a food booth at side of a street, open-air so if it rains just run to a dry spot :p, we dine by sitting on plastic stools.
  • Service : good, but in dining hours the booth is fuuulll of people and we have to wait for about 25 minutes…
  • Taste : not bad at all…we are all love Kedai Ling Ling…
  • Price : so much worthed, around Rp. 15K per food and drink item, the highes price is Rp. 25K

Note. Pict of Mango Dessert taken from here and pict of Okonomiyaki taken  from here

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