Sunday, March 3, 2013

1-Day Trip To Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu is a small town near Sukabumi, West Java. The place is soooo much special to me. I was born there :) Happenly, on one Saturday my parents needed to go there to legalize their marriage letter. I was like yippyyy… the last time I came here was in 2009 and I lost all photos I made there. I moved from Pelabuhan Ratu  to Cimahi when I was only about one year old. Pelabuhan Ratu is a coastal area and many new hotels now. My parents said to me there was only one hotel in year 80s. 

 We didn’t have time to explore Pelabuhan Ratu as in 2009. We only visited Pantai (beach) Citepus and had a seafood lunch there. I love the sky and sea breezy windy air… well, no beach in Bandung. 

Me and a woman who gave me birth :)

And these are photos of the beautiful Pantai Karang Hawu :


Note. Photos of Pantai Karang Hawu taken from this site

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