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Short Trip To Kuala Lumpur & Singapore

I had a verrryyy short trip abroad to the country of Malaysia and Singapore on 9-10 February. Bought the airlines tickets since November 2012, I was planning to visit there for 4 days but it was cancelled, people… Something from my work reason made me had to do this. So I went to 2 countries in 2 days on weekend only. Happy feet!

 Flying in the sky....

Since I had only limited time not many places I could explore there. With 5 female travelling buddies (2 of them have children left at homes…mommies took 4 days off, kids), I had a rush-fun-tiring travelling experiences. I know I didn’t explore Malay and Sing well, get to know the people, feel the culture and rhythm of both countries, or found some new tips and tricks to be shared to readers. All we did was walking from station to station for iconic tourism objects, taking photos and shopping small souvenirs. But overall, I was happyyyy…. Travelling always tiring but it seems to be covered by excitement inside, don’t you feel in that way too? Especially because you are away from work haha…but we have to work if we want to keep travelling on holiday times so at least find work that really suits you. Or find a job that can possibly be done while travelling? Ok, nuff said…

One of my travelling buddies had been doing a little research about “where and how” in Malay and Sing. All flights by budget airlines Air Asia. For me it was departure from Bandung at Saturday morning, one day in Kuala Lumpur (KL), had one hour flight to Sing, stayed a night at friend’s friend’s nice apartment in Punggol area (she served one fancy breakfast for us), spent a day in Singapore and return to Jakarta on Sunday midnight. Then…went to work on Monday morning like a zombie…

KL and Sing…well, much different from Jakarta because no traffic jams, more organized and developed transportation system. They have much better tourism information and promotion worldwide. The rest is the same… the people, the food, the weather of South East Asia. Indonesian language is quite the same from Malay (Indo-Malay root is melayu), except the accent and some few words. Some Singaporean also speak melayu. Honestly, Singaporean is more friendly than Malaysian, we felt it in immigration process and other public places. For Indonesians, it’s not difficult to enjoy days in these countries….

Aaandd…here are the photos in hot day of Kuala Lumpur...

The Petronas Tower

Malaysian language sounds funny to Indonesian and opposite :)
Inside LRT

Lockers for rent at KL Central

Nasi Lemak, almost similar to Nasi Uduk in Indonesia

Pasar Seni

Let's shop for souvenirs...oleh-oleh tradition for Indonesians

Masjid Jamek...unfortunately on renovation.

And cloudy Singapore, here we coooome...

Super iconic Lion in Singapore

In front of Marina Bay mall

Inside MRT, so full...

Me with happy feet...

 Water taxi on Singapore river

Inside Mustafa Center, 24 hours open for shopping

Hershey's chocolate, anyone?

Tips for new comer :
  • Search, search and search on internet about the places. Find out city rules such as no food and drink inside train or take the left side of escalator in Singapore.
  • Ready to walk by your feet…yes, be ready.
  • Grab free maps available in airport
  • Learn carefully the transportation system and platforms. You’ll need small amount of notes and coins in Malay, the machines don’t accept 10 MYR notes, maximum is 5 MYR. Minimum top-up for EZ-Link card in Sing is 10 SGD
  • Ask local people or policeman when you don’t know directions
  • Muslims must careful with non-halal food in Sing, find halal label or eat at fast-food resto such as McD, Burger King, KFC
  • Bring extra bag and credit card haha…
  • Singapore is fine city. Watch your attitude beware of public signs, if not ready to be fined.
Budgeting ( backpackers version) :
  • Airline tickets by AirAsia : around Rp. 500.000-1.800.000 return, and around Rp. 200.000-300.000 one way KL-Sing (price can be different, if you’re lucky you got the cheapest and spent only Rp. 625.000 for whole tickets cost). You can also take train or bus from KL to Sing and opposite, charged almost the same with airplane tickets but slower.
  • Hotel : I stayed at an apartment for free. In Malay hotel rates are cheaper than Sing for you get a small private room in a hotel for Rp. 160.000/night/person with twin bed. In Sing, that money will only enough for a bunk-bed of a dorm in a hostel with breakfast and shared bathroom.
  • Local transportation : we were using public transportation train, bus and taxi. In Sing, MRT and busses operates from 6 am to 12 pm, tickets can be purchased through STP card, EZ-Link card (valid for 5 years usage) or per one way ticket. I spent about 25 MYR for LRT tickets in KL, and 35 SGD in Sing for EZ-Link card, taxi and water taxi at Singapore river. I left about 10 SGD in the card. Well, I guess I should coming back to Sing :)
  • Tickets to tourism objects : find a free ones unless if you do have more budgets. Example Universal Studio sale ticket 69 SGD for entrance, but many people just take photos in front of the gates :p At Marina Bay you may enjoy a beautiful laser and fountain show at 8 and 9.30 PM for free.
  • Meal : find food court or hawker. Average budget for a food and drink in Malay is 7 MYR and 5 SGD in Sing. Bring your own drink bottle and refill it in hotel.
  • Shopping : can’t tell, depend on your personal budget. Maybe minimum around 50 MYR and 50 SGD for small souvenirs like keychains, freezer magnets, t-shirt and chocolates. Singapore is shopping heaven. On Great Sale events, branded stuff are discounted up to 70% .
MYR = Malaysia Ringgit
SGD = Singapore Dollar

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