Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ngopi Doeloe

Ngopi Doeleo or Ngopdoel in short is a café with few branches in Bandung. People usually spend hours here to enjoy the coffee and food while chatting with friends. Free wi-fi also available. Me and my travelling buddies spent time for hours here to discuss our trip plan. We ordered different kinds of food as picts below, from nasi goreng to lasagna, mineral water to ice blended coffee, light snacks to heavy meals.

Short Review :
  • Place : located on Jalan Purnawarman, Burangrang, Banda…any other location?
  • Ambience : modern café with couches and chairs, separated in smoking and non-smoking area, several games machines, bright lighting
  • Service : pretty friendly waiters but you must wait for a relatively long minutes for food orders.Well, this is not a place to eat, hang-out and long talks with friends is more suitable.
  • Taste : beverages are ok but the food are not that special.
  • Price : standard, I spent around 50K for food and drink

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