Monday, March 11, 2013

Richeese Factory

The food journey continued to a fast-food resto named Richeese Factory. I’m not often having a dine in fast-food resto but this kinda different. They are famous for their “cheesy” touch in every dish. Cheese sauce dipping, cheese flakes, cheddar cheese fried in breadcrumbs and so on…yummm… I know this place for sometime  ago and really want to try their signature dish : Fire Wings with 5 different spicy level and cheese dip. So here we go…after I tested the result iiizzz….I want to go back again and order all their menu!!  We ordered a package of Fire Wings (level 2…sshhh…next time I will order level 1) with rice and drink and a bowl of Creamy Cheese Soup. You can also enjoy salad, fried chicken, french fries & potato wedges, and dessert. Nom nom…

Short Review :

  • Place : in Bandung they located at PVJ Mall, Istana Plaza Mall and Jalan Pahlawan
  • Ambience : typical of fast-food resto with ordering counters, bright light and clean place
  • Service : good
  • Taste : yummm…I like the cheese sauce dipping!
  • Price : same as other fast-food resto, but I think Richeese is cheaper because they offer a more delicious food with same price haha….

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