Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grasshopper Thai Resto

Let’s go to another restaurant in downtown of Bandung! On one family day I had a nice lunch at a Thailand dining place called Grasshopper. We ordered rice with dishes : Angel Wing, Tom Yum Goong Cup, Pad Thai, Grilled Thai Chicken Satay, Baby Corn, Mushroom & Ginger (aka Capcay haha..) and Orange Sesame Chicken. Whaa…my tummy was full…plus a unforgettable dessert Sticky Rice Durian (I wanted Mango but the fruit wasn’t available) and Cassava___ I forgot the name, the taste of Cassava is much better in Bandung Suki to be honest ;p They also serve various kind of beverages from juices, coffee and tea. For every purchase of Rp. 60K they will give you a stamp which collections of stamps can be exchanged to drink or dessert, other promos also offered. Oh yes, you can also enjoy breakfast menu here.

Short Review :
·         Place : located on Jalan Suka Asih I Setiabudhi, Bandung
·         Ambience : it’s a casual family restaurants with warm interior and lights.
·         Service : nice waiters and waitress, informative, fast and helpful
·         Taste : The chicken satay and orange sesame chicken are sweet, sour+spicy tom yum goong surely, and the rest is similar to Indonesian cuisines
·         Price : above standard, spent around 100K/person for set of meal with dessert.

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