Thursday, November 15, 2012

Islamic New Year 1434 Hijriyah

Today is Muharram 1st 1434 H, Islamic New Year. All muslims all over the world remark the day for a new beginning of Islamic months. It was Caliph Omar bin Khatab who founded Islamic Calendar by announcing the year Prophet Muhammad saw. hijrah from Mecca to Madinna marked as the beginning of Islamic Year.

 Sadly, this morning when I woke up the first news I heard was the attack of Gaza region in Palestine by Israel troops. Obviously, Israel invade Palestine for their un-humanity reason. Children and women been killed, and media exposed muslims as terrorist for these past years. Media do not expose any news featuring Israel soldier shot  Palestinian children until death. Or soldiers who took a pose happily after they killed Palestinian man as if it were something ordinary. Masya Allah. Well, Palestinian have right to defend their land. Palestine will be free! Muslims, if we can not donate money or any material items or power, we can pray for Gaza. May Allah SWT. always by our side and protect us, paradise is reward for syuhada. Aamiin… 

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