Thursday, November 15, 2012

Green Hero. Breakfast. Keith Martin.

Feel awkward with the subject above? Green Hero means The Hulk? Did he eat some breakfast? With the singer Keith Martin? Ha ha…

Those 3 phrases centered in a place Bale Pare, KBP Padalarang where a half-day occassion been held. The main purpose was the launching of Citylink, internal and external transportation for KBP residents. The Town Management encourages people in residences to appreciate the green environment more and more. Not just plant and care trees or use water wisely, but also using public transportation.  This means cleaner air, less gas/petrol. Person who concern and take action for the goodsake of green environment may be called “Green Hero”. 

During the launching all visitor enjoyed the Breakfast Festival with various breakfast menus, bands performances and cooking demo presented by famous Indonesian Chef Bara (actually I was hoping to see the georgeous Chef Juna hehehe…).  

 Food stalls for breakfast

 I ate this : Martabak Manis Mini (and Pecel hehe...)

 Cooking Demo by Chef Bara, he showed us how to made a delicious wafel, roasted bread and healthy juice

 Inside of citylink armada, didn't take the picture of the vehicle from outside

Last but not least, big surprise surprise (visitors didn’t knew at all)… American singer Keith Martin was on the stage singing his 3 songs!! What a day…

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