Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Negeri Para Bedebah

Just finished another book written by Tere Liye titled Negeri Para Bedebah. The main character is Thomas a famous financial consultant, he trapped in a deep trouble when his uncle’s bank collapsed. As the only one family member the only choice is to struggle saving the bank before government announce that the bank is closed and bankrupt. The book clearly describe financial/banking industry in a nation (and world) with its behavior, government, politic, economy and corrupt people. How Thomas played the game, manipulated data and escaped from law. 

As usual for Tere Liye, my opinion is that there’s always some a-bit-out-of-logic scenes happened in the novel.  For example like, office building full of worker on Saturday or how Thomas always succeeded in escaping from police troop. Anyway, this is some read if you want to know how global market works, banking industry and so on in a simple explanation.

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