Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Questioning Islam #2 : From The Beginning To The End

Continuing my “Questioning Islam” posting series, as my interest is in Islamic History and I’ve been reading and watching a lot of sources with topics related recently. I just can not keep the knowledge for myself and need to share it. We all realize that knowledge is like fresh drinking water, it will only works for the thirst. We can not force someone to drink if the person isn’t eager for some water or he/she thinks the water won’t quench the thirst. Get the point? In Islam we oblige to da’wah but not forcing everyone to become a muslim. Faith of Islam is to be showed not to be pressed to people.

Many people think that Islam was brought by Prophet Muhammad saw. Is it correct? My researchs about religions make me realize that the real answer is that Islam exists since Prophet Adam presented on earth. He taught his children to worship The Only God and so was all Prophets after Adam. It means include Moses and Isa/Jesus. This what muslims believe. Muhammad saw. as the last Messanger made a perfection to form of Islam and Al-Qur’an that last until The End of the World. 

 My question when I was a young girl until in my teen ages is : among all religion, which one is the right one? Alhamdulillah, Allah never make me become non-muslim in the middle of my searching to find that one direction of my life. Now, there is no doubt for me to have faith in Islam. Insya Allah.

Wallahualam bishawab…may Allah SWT forgive and grant us Jannah as there are so much things to be forgiven in our deen. Aamiin.

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