Saturday, September 8, 2012

BMC – Bandoengsche Melk Centrale

Lunch with some colleague here on last Wednesday noon. BMC is one of the first generation of dining café in Bandung. The place owned by regional government so it’s a café with old-fashioned building and I noticed most of visitors are government female employees who work nearby. BMC has various menu : Indonesian and western, also produced dairy product (aka yoghurt) and mineral water. We ordered Bebek Goreng Organik, Tongseng Kambing, Buntut Bakar, Chicken Katsu, Veggie Juice, Yoghurt and Lemon Tea. I only took picts of Tongseng, Bebek and Veggie Juice, sorry for the quality picts :)

Short Review :
  • Location : Jalan Aceh near Masjid Ukhuwah and Bandung Government Office
  • Ambience : I don’t see a unique character, it’s just an ordinary dining place in a renovated classic house, now there’s a live band performances everyday that paid from customer’s donation
  • Taste : not bad but I think BMC need more memorable signature dishes not just the yoghurt beverages. Among hip cafes in Bandung BMC need some promotion too perhaps through communities in Bandung such as bicycle, photography, and so on :)
  • Service : good, friendly waiter
  • Price : standard

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