Sunday, September 9, 2012

Comics Series from Mice (and Benny)

Time for funny-political comics...!! I collect almost all their cartoon comics, the duet of illustrator Benny and Mice (now they work solo). From Lagak Jakarta to Lost in Bali, then Mice keep writing and drawing for Oblada Obladi, Politik Santun Dalam Kartun, etc. The cartoons especially shows the real situation of poor to middle class people in Indonesia (Jakarta) try to survive the economic problems, transportation, education and soon. How behavior difference between the rich and the poor, politics and Indonesia trends. Also corruption, corruption and corruption. 

There’s also hilarious entertaining in their comics,  like in Lost in Bali series or Let’s Talk About Hape. Enjoy, they will awake your both sense of crisis and sense of humour in the same time.

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