Saturday, June 16, 2012

Krang Kring

This is a dining place where you can find various mostly Indonesian dishes (and a bit japanese and western), you’ll find Nasi Betutu, Nasi Goang, Nasi Bambu, Bakso, Lumpia Basah, Tahu Gejrot, Es Doger, Es Peuyeum and many more…yumm..

Short Review
  • Place : located on Jalan Ciliwung, it’s a dining place with assorted cute little stores and a DVD store “Movie Room”
  • Ambience : crowded place, hip and attracting walls decoration
  • Service : good service from green-uniformed waiter/waitress
  • Taste : not bad at all, like them much in fact…
  • Price : standard, I spent around 35K for food and drink

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