Saturday, June 16, 2012

We're Professional!

Hello…introduce us : professional feline ready to serve human. See the look? We work 24 hours a day 7 days a week around the house (and neighbour’s sometimes).

As a pro, we oblige to :
  • Loyal to human, care and un-conditional loving.
  • Accompany you, always by side in good and bad times for better and worse
  • Keep away the stress. Proven.
  • Acting as human’s object of affection :p …we enjoy it though
  • Know our names or the way human call us
  • Entertain human by showing a funny attitude sometimes
  • Not stealing any food from your table
As a pro, we require you to fulfill our rights :
  • Cat food and clean water on our bowl, please keep them in the kitchen area.
  • Litter box, must be cleaned regularly
  • Clear our ears and do a bit paw-medi-pedi (although we’re not comfy with it). We have no demand for grooming though.
  • No bath, but if you decide to bath us we have right to express anger, use our paws and claws, loud meeouw yell. Basicly we are a clean creature and self-bathing.
  • Routine vaccine or regular medical treatment at the nearest vetenarian to keep us healthy
  • Play with us! Provide a rope, ball or any pet toys that attracting.
  • Sleep everywhere and everytime we like : bed, sofa, your lap, near TV, carpet, window…
  • Scratch  us especially on head and neck area.
Well, that’s all we can remember. Nice working with you!

Note : picts taken from here

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