Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kitties in Movies

Lots of animal pictures posting on my blog this week, showing my personal obsession of cats. Here are another. A photo collection of a Redditor haissam93 who spent the weekend recreating classic film shots with his cat, who “hated every minute”. Take a look here
 This movie is legend. Who doesn’t know the scene inside a bathroom when the psycho murderer with his knife was going to kill the lady while she was showering? Psycho! Run kitty run!

See the experession? Is it furious? I never watch the movie too, this is a scene from Here’s Jhonny or perhaps Here’s Kitty…
Particularly the staging of this scene from American Beauty. Never watch the movie except the trailer that showing skins of a girl, so definely I do more likely watching this photo :) , American Cat Beauty…
Last but not least, of course Titanic. The scene when Rose was being drawed by Jack. Nice necklace anyway :)

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