Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ex Insulinde Building

I like antique buildings. In Bandung there are many antiques from the time when Indonesia was colonized by Netherland. So the architectures are so classic artdeco European. Some of them been vanished (too bad!) , some of them still exist untill today protected by an organization called Bandung Heritage and some of depend on the owner or government decision to preserve or destroy them. Gosh…I hope no more antique houses gone from Bandung.

Braga street is a famous street filled by many antiques. I will do a bit exploring one day in some spare time. From Mon-Fri I currently work in a local sharia bank head office located on Braga but still I haven’t got time to captured the objects on the street..hehe…I just gotta do it on weekend. Mean while I took shoots on this 2 floors building addressed on Braga 135. Happenly to be my office (bank bjb syariah) rent from the owner who set a very high price if the company buy the building. Well, I hope the bank stays there permanently as employees (including me) could be moved to any other bank’s location. Or I might be not working there some time in the future, who would know?

Ever used as oil factory, Priangan government office, police station, FO clothing store, kindergarten school and now bank. Across Bank Indonesia, the building had been renovated without changing the structure of the outside part (prohibited by Bandung Heritage) and the interior inside designed beautifully (especially the main stair) for business and work place. From the historical story sources, I found out that the building is Ex Insulinde (Eks. Kantor Residen Priangan), built in 1917 the architect is C.P.W Schoemaker.

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