Sunday, April 15, 2012

Discount Coupon Services Part 2

I found another sites offering discounts…yippyyyy….!  Read part  1 of my post here. Browse interesting price cuts on Travel, Gadgets, Houseware, Tool Kit, Clothing, Beauty Products and many more in these online coupon services :

Deals     Outlet      Goodizz     DiskonHeboh       DiskonGokil      KlikToday      PestaDeal    Nawartrus     MbakDiskon    DiskonMantab      Kleepon    SpecialPromo    SumoSave     GrupBeli

Feel dizzy? Just be wise in buying things, consider your need, priority and your bank saving... hehe... FYI, you also may read the resumes in PromoApa and Dskon although not complete. Now because there are so many this kind of similar service, they usually sell similar products. And I’m sure the number of these sites will increasing. Well, enjoy then…

Note : pict taken from here 

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