Sunday, February 19, 2012

Discount Coupon Services

Do you know websites that sell discount voucher in many merchants are now on the trends? I have found at least 8 sites has similar service : providing discount vouchers for food, hotel, spa/beauty, travel, gadget and some kind other products too. I am soooo glad by the their existence…I mean we can now dine or buy products with 50% off or even more! Yeaayy…! Nom..nom…

Well, basicly all of them have the same concept, selling merchants vouchers and they will make profit in every voucher. Buyer must order and pay, after the payment confirmed they send the voucher via e-mail or phone. Buyer must print and show it to the merchant for usage, then just enjoy :D

Click these links below to find out more!

LivingSocial    Lapar     

I mostly buy voucher for food, of course. And then spa and product, in my case internet modem. So far I have nothing serious happened, except my one un-happy experience was a closed restaurant (which I bought 2 vouchers worth 50K) and GrouponDisdus didn’t care to my complaint and return my money back :(

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