Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ayahku (Bukan) Pembohong

Hmm..what can I say ya? A novel written by Tere-Liye, I think the story quiet touching and interesting but some parts were too cliché for someone’s life line, the difference is that someone had a father who always told stories to his only son. I don’t know…but I’m not surprised by how the writer ended the story. But surely I love the messages behind, especially when I read “Kolam Sufi” part. It’s the answer of all living human’s questions : What is the purpose of our life? What is the key to truly happiness? Please, do read the book :)

Main character named Dam is a boy with a housewife mother and a wise father.  Whole town respected them. The father often shared many incredible tales to Dam which were said parts of his young jouney experiences. Dam believed the tales and took them as lessons, spirit and inspiration to his life. The conflict began when Dam’s mother died (and Dam then hated the tales) and later when the father lived with Dam and told same tales to Dam’s children. For his life Dam asked himself were the tales true? At the end, the answer revealed although I personally have a question that un-answered, like : why were no result in the internet when Dam’s children tried to search Dam’s school ? who wrote the old tales books that Dam found in his school library? Well, just curious...

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