Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chicken Soup for Entrepreneur’s Soul

Another bowl of soul food from Chicken Soup series consist of short stories from successful entrepreneur in USA. Those who really wish to become a business owner should read this book as inspirations. I personally always think that the luckiest people on earth are they who do for living based on what they love. That’s why knowing your talents is essential. What’s your hobby? What field do you feel enthusiastic in doing it? What’s your passion? What makes you happy? Fashion, travel, food, technology, plant, advertising, paper, scrapbook, shoes…and hundreds more you could choose. Most of these entrepreneurs start from zero (even minus!), take risks and just do what they passionate most.

I just wish I could be like the one in the book's roles. But wish is not enough, action is more  important thing to do yes?

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