Saturday, April 28, 2012

Le Marly Pantry

It was a Friday noon, we were 7 ladies had a nice lunch here at le marly pantry. This is an impressive restaurant with great taste of food and beverages. They serve pasta, pizza, steak, crepes, butter rice, waffle and  pancake. Visitors enjoy a ‘friendly” interior with its open kitchen where all delicious dishes “popped-out” and served to tables,  pantry cabinets with cute stuff inside along the right wall. I forget the menu names and I didn’t have much time to take all ordered dishes picts, I only could say we ate some kind of mushroom soup, Piombino E' Cannelloni, Pasta Pesto, waffle with green tea ice cream and chocolate topping,  and Green Tea Latte and more. 

Short Review :
  • Place : located on Jalan Citarum (or Cimanuk?) near Istiqomah Mosque. Gee, I’m weak with streets :)
  • Ambience : very artistic, feel like in a large dining room with large pantry
  • Service : friendly and fast service by waitress in different uniform colours
  • Taste : so creamy, melted in your mouth…they also have a very hot spicy pasta!
  • Price : quiet pricey :)

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