Sunday, March 4, 2012

Origin House & Kitchen

The restaurant is commonly known by Jakarta people who visit Bandung on weekend, probably because the front area is just a small building with an organic shop inside, so people doesn’t notice. Entering the glass door I was quite confused is there any restaurant inside? In the middle area I enjoyed a long space gift shop full of fancy and unique stuff with fresh green carpet on the corridor. Then at the back side finally I could see a large spacious dining place with a balcony!  

The place is wonderfully modern. So airy with plants covered the wall, sky light ceiling, and real birds singing in their cages. The food is delicious with various type of menu from breakfast to dinner, we just really enjoy the time there. We ordered Indonesian cuisine : Gurame Soup (fish), Bebek Sambal Matah (duck), Funtastic Fuel (some carrot and fruit mixed juice) and Very Berry Melon.

For short review :
  • Place : very nice, green concept,  located on Jalan Sumatera
  • Service : waiter/waitress always ready to serve but when we ask about a menu detail the waitress could’t tell exactly about it (on trainee perhaps, no probs :)
  • Ambience :  fresh and airy
  • Taste : ok, food  taste freshly delicious (they claim it’s organic) but the Fuel’s too sweet
  • Price : 20K-150K pricey to me but worth with the place

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