Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nanny’s Pavilion

It was a spontaneous Monday lunch between working hours at Nanny’s Pavilion on Jalan Riau. Just like any other stylish restaurant with nice ambience, sofa, menu and waiter :) , except Nanny’s specialized in pancakes and wafels. Menu choices dominated by sweet taste I only found 2 savory dishes. So far this was the best pancake I ever tasted. Nice appearance, warm soft dough, rich flavor of ice cream, peanut, mozzarella cheese, chicken and veggie….yummm….

We ordered Linda’s Roll Pancake, Grandma’s Chicken Pesto Pancake, Banana Milkshake and Apricot Lemonade.

For short review :
  • Place : Nanny’s has different concept for its branches, the one I visited has a “garden” concept where sofas are green as grass (or golf field hehe..)
  • Service : waiter/waitress always ready to serve, friendly, cute uniform anyway …
  • Ambience :  fresh (green effect) and cozy, nice
  • Taste : ok, taste good to me, what an awesome lemonade!
  • Price : standard

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