Sunday, March 11, 2012


Sugarush is a quite new café downtown located on jalan Braga, means near my office :) . So on my second visit I just went there by foot with a friend on one noon for lunch. According to my friend’s opinion the place is quite comfortable and cozy with lots of elements on walls and ceiling. The lightning arrangement is minimum, but the toilet room is definitely very light as surrounded by mirrors. The menu varied from Indonesian, pasta, baked rice and lite bites.  

We ordered Hot Tuna Baked Rice, Bebek ala Bali (or similar..I forget sorry), Fried Champignon (mushroom), Hot Lemon Tea and Iced Lemon Tea.

For short review :
  • Place : located on historical Braga street so this could be a sweet choice for having meal at the area
  • Service : no probs, I like the way they serve the beverage...cute teapot…on my third visit they served my order late and we started complaining on the table so they gave us churros (crispy donut) as a compliment
  • Ambience : minimum light so it feels a bit dark but has artful and interesting elements inside
  • Taste : nice, the food variation is limited tough, pasta is best but the Indonesian dishes are way to spicy for me :)
  • Price : standard

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