Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hayu Hejo

It is going to be very amazing if all people on the planet concern about the future life of this Earth. We won’t hear news like endangered animal killing, no clean water supply, trees cutting and bla la bla …. Sadly…  I believe we can try from now on to stop bigger damage on the planet like using recycled paper and bag… just simple things. More far we can plant trees around the house and energy saving from the power source (e.g. electricity). I read on twitter that there's a gardening community in almost every city in Indonesia founded by Mr. Ridwan Kamil. He even try to re-build forest city and parks. Salute!

I found these pics below on the internet and really appreciate those who take action in making a better human environment.

Note: “Hayu Hejo” is Sundanese language means “Go Green" :D and find 1st pict from in here, 2nd pict in here and 3rd pict in here.

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