Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun (Online) Shopping

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Writing becomes my sweet escape..so before I write a book I’ll practice by blog writing. I’m not an English native speaker also but once again : practice. There are so many mistakes in vocab and grammar I know…I often realize it after I publish the notes. Well, practice makes perfect while nobody’s perfect J but your skill will improve logically..
As promised sometime ago, I will review online shops where I buy stuffs on the internet. Yeah, I love online shopping and become a customer to a certain webstore. Love the 24/7 easy-simple-quick process as just click-transfer-receive the good.

 I remember I used to buy clothes from Chinuemart.com, they sold many many affordable stylish outfit. Sadly, they didn’t get online anymore L  And there was Kandang Sapi Buntal (I think they’re still active in FB … maybe) which I ever successfully got a cute limited  mini suitcase flowery-box-bag from them. My friends really envied when I carried out the bag…

I don’t put all the webstore, actually I have forgotten several shops since there are many shops I have visited. Okay, here’s the webstore short list :

Anything you need search here first…many items, many sellers/tenants and you can compare same item between tenants and see the price differences. So we can choose item with the lowest price. I mostly buy unique stuff from here. The site almost the same with Tokobagus, Dino Market and the one and only Kaskus.net. To buy stuff you need to do a member registering process. Payment is transferred to Tokopedia not the tenant, Tokopedia then confirm your order to the tenant. 

Yepp, I’m a bookworm. I usually buy fave books right in this site with 15% discount. Book price in online stores usually the same, they give us 15% disc. from normal price or bigger disc. for several books.  When you order a book you must not pay at that time you have to wait for a confirmation e-mail mention that the book is available.

This is a webstore for beauty products owned by Martha Tilaar Corp.  producing  Indonesia popular beauty brands such as Sari Ayu, Biokos, PAC, Belia and so on.  My skin happens to be suitable with the products.  I really admire the service, they handle orders fastly and free  shipping delivery cost (Indonesia area only).  Proud.

Need name cards for business or personal purpose? This  is the right place. They have so many designs to choose from various themes and paper types or if you have your own design/picture  you may simply adjust it to your name card. Really fast response, reasonable price and adjustable design. When  they receive your order you will be contacted by e-mail for design confirmation, if you had approved it they will send the appearance of your name card before print it and you may change it. Once you approve they print the final design after you transfer the payment , then the name card package delivered to your house.

How about fashion items? Well, now I seldom buy them online, I usually just go to Deptstore or affordable boutique hehe…But if you interested pls just browse Laku.com, belowcepek.com, iwearup.com and wondershoe.com. They sell outfit, shoes and other fashion thingy :) For international webtore I once ever shoped at ebay.com. Another cool place is etsy.com and Amazon.com

Hmmm…attempted to shop too?  Before you do so, check my mini tips below :
  • Safety first. Make sure that the shop is real not a skank, ask to someone else who has experience in buying stuff there and knows exactly the service.
  • Choose secure payment method. Confirm the payment ASAP to the seller.
  • Don’t forget to write shop’s contact number or address.
  • Check your address and number for  right delivery.
  • Read the T&C, measurement chart (if you purchase wardrobe or shoes), and other shop’s rules.

    Happy (ol) shopping..aufwiedersehen…

    1st pict taken from here
    1st pict taken from here

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