Saturday, February 11, 2012

D' Cost Seafood

Restaurant Review time!

I have a meal here for few times and I think this restaurant is kind of Sea(fast)food Resto. They offer a cheap priced seafood menu in a place look like a fastfood resto equipped with hi-tech gadget. Plus, they often give special promotion  for customer makes the food price even cheaper. Now almost everyone has a dine there because the resto become so popular. In Bandung they located on Jalan Sukajadi, Braga City and  BIP mall.

I once had a dinner after my working hours with my parents and we ordered : 3 Nasi (rice), Bawal Bakar Pedas and Gurame Goreng Asam Manis (fish), 2 Kerang Saus Padang (scallop), Kepiting Soka telur Asin (crab), Udang Bakar Kecap (shrimp), Kailan, Ca Kangkung, Sambal Mangga, 2 Lemon Tea, Es Jeruk Kelapa. After discount, the bill charged only about 88K ! Safer fave! But you know, I think they dare in putting such price because the portion of food is smaller from proper seafood portion hehe..

 For short review :
  • Place : ok,  fastfood style resto
  • Service : waiter/waitress always ready to serve, friendly, equipped with hi-tech gadget to write your order connected to kitchen and food supplies
  • Ambience :  comfy enough as a family resto
  • Taste : ok, not bad at all worthed the price..I like the crab..
  • Price : affordable, you can even safe more on discount promo :)

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