Monday, January 16, 2012

What I'm Going Through Last Week

How’s your weekend?  The 2nd week of January went by and I still feel “Where’s my passion? What  am I doing here? Can’t wait for weekend” ….*sigh… (didn’t mean to be un-grateful but I still keep looking where I should belong). That’s why I envy them soooo much who has find their way to have fun in their daily activities. Them who don’t feel like working because they know exactly their PASSION and just ACT, usually creative people. Mm.. perhaps I should review them someday yes?

Anyway, for so-not-important news, here’s my lunch on last Friday (tuna crepes and oreo-milk drink). So not proper, I was still hungry hehe..

Then spend the Saturday by shopping at a Venus dept store located on Jalan Gandawijaya (Cimahi, near outside Bandung). I always admire this store as they have gardens with fish pond inside the store. Lovely place. I also find that they provide cheap, cute clothes, bags and so on. I bought some manset and socks (these items prepared for my February journey), underwears, batik blouse and dark grey long  skirt.

Still on the same street, I stopped by at my fave Buana supermarket which also has a garden at the backside of the supermarket.  I filled the basket with my personal supplies such as body lotion, bath foam,  milk, vitamin C, etc.

At the end of the day I met my dentist for monthly dental check-up, I wear bracket FYI.

See u …  

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