Thursday, January 12, 2012

1st Week of January 2012


I passed last 1st week of January by Mon-Fri working and having a spa and lunch at a Japanese Restaurant on Saturday. Spa is now become my habit once in a month, I really enjoy being relaxed and pampered. I have tried several  spa spot in Bandung but yet have not found one spa that I would become loyal customer!  So far, I ever tried spa at Rumah Lulur, Bersih Sehat (not a spa it’s a massage specialty place with high standard), KembangSpa , Rose Chamber and Selaras… still wondering to have a spa at Jari Manis and Roger’s hehe…  Until now I never doing a review about spa and restaurant but I think I will make some note aka short review from now on :p

Selaras Spa
Located on Jalan Aceh near BMC Café, the spa spot is at the back side of the house while the front area is used as café. I had a magic pearl spa (same with whitening??) for 2 hours in total.

For short review :
  • Room & Equipment : ok, except the steaming is too hot…
  • Theraphyst : well massage, nice and friendly
  • Ambience : romantic lights but I still can hear people talking loudly, no relaxing music
  • Spa product : unknown
  • Price : 75k-250k, pricey to me

Gocchi Resto
Located on Jalan Burangrang this is a new place in town with 2 floor modern building and interior, lime green chairs and cute waitress wardrobe…like in a hip boutique. They serve Japanese cuisine such as Sushi and Sashimi, Shabu, Teppan, Noodle/Ramen and so on accompanied with refreshing drinks.

Me and my 2 beasties ordered Sushi, Bento, Iced Lemon Tea and GreenTea Milkshake. Nice…

For short review :
  • Place : ok,  2 floor hip design resto with smoking/non-smoking area
  • Service : waiter/waitress always ready to serve, quick food service and nice table arrangements
  • Ambience : such a hip restaurant!
  • Taste : ok for Japanese food lover of course
  • Price : 12k-550k, pricey to me

That’s it…see u…

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