Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One Day Brussels – Belgium

Hoy hoy…sorry for so-long-not-updating my blog yaa… Recently in my not-so-busy life, I just do daily cooking, Dutch homework, and learning some new field (starting a new job in August hihi..). Just a common housewife’s life with travelling obsession and little-of-this-and-that wishful thinking. Ok, stop mumbling…now begin with the report of my travelling experience in Brussels, Belgium. I was visiting Brussels on 7 May 2014, I visited 2 places. First, an amazing garden belongs to King of Belgium in Laken and the second place was centrum of Brussels. But now I will just reveal my photos from the centrum. 

Many tourist that day. And as other traveller I also came to the most visited spots there : Grote markt, Mannekin Pis (that small!) but unfortunately only passing by Atomium.  And had tourists most experienced things like stores-hopping to Chocolate shops and tasted some wafels. I think Brussels has more old beautiful building compared to Amsterdam, is it correct? Well, I had a good time in this capital city of Europe that uses two languages : Dutch and French. Worth to visit although one lady in a chocolate shop that we visited was not that friendly. Oh, one more : we only paid 10 Euro for 2 persons bus transportation from Rotterdam. What a deal!

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