Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Keukenhof 03052014

Whoot…long time no up-date for travelling article. Sorry for the absence while I have done lots of sight-seeing around Holland. I am stil working with Dutch homework, etc ;p Soo…on 3 May I visited the one and only Keukenhof in Lisse. I suppose everyone knows this place, also very famous among Indonesian tourists. I saw many Indonesian faces…yeayy haha… Keukenhof with its tulips field surely one of must-see-place when you come to Holland. I love those beautiful colors from the usual yellow and pink to bizarre blue, even dark. The garden itself not as huge as I imagined before. Hmm...maybe because now I get used to long walk.

This year Keukenhof closed at 18 May 2014, opened since early April. I forget the exact date. I was there on 3 May the day when there was a flower parade (I missed it, fyi…). Very crowded in cool air that I needed to wear my jacket, but it was nicely sunny…many people so it was not easy to find an empty spot for selfies ;p Ticket priced 23 Euro include bus from and to Leiden Central. You can also go there by bus from Amsterdam. Inside Keukenhof I found also a lonely windmill (you can go up, btw) and a huge impressive Japanese Garden, Tottori Hanakairo. Well, I think because Japan has the most beautiful garden in the world. There are also botanic houses named Kings and Queens of Netherland, like Orange Nassau, Juliana, Wilhelmina and Beatrix. Perfect for orchid lovers. You can access information about flower variety in a computer tools inside these greenhouses. In the east side there is a small farm-alike with animals interacted with visitors. Lambs family, a horse, coops, cow, bunnies and so on…kids would love playing in the area besides in a children playing ground that available. If you can’t manage to bring food from home, cafes and restaurants are ready to serve. As well as some snacks and ice cream booths around the garden.

No further saying, enjoy the photos…

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