Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Images of Leiden & Delft

Hello…let us continue my journey in Netherland by visiting cities in Randstad area or further around South Holland. My husband took me to Leiden some weeks ago and had lunch at an Indonesian restaurant. And of course taking photo in front of windmill for the first time :) The windmill that located near Leiden train station is a museum named Molen van De Valk. We didn’t look around inside only sightseeing the outside of the windmill, anyway… And there are also a big sun clock in Leiden.

Delft. So far this is my fave city in Holland haha… (husband, do you agree with me?). I think Delft is similar with Amsterdam with canals structure and old building beauties but….less people ! And pigeons, unfortunately… I know Amsterdam is number one tourists attraction that is why the city is so crowded. Well, if you want to enjoy some European ambience with not much tourists come visit Delft. Many Indonesians also come to study in university in Delft. The city also popular for its Dutch souvenir, blue hand-painted ceramics. In the centrum area I also found a nice Dutch souvenir shop. Inside there are unique and different souvenirs compared to other stores. Oh…I love Delft. See by how many photos taken...

 This is the shop!

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