Thursday, November 14, 2013

Holycow Hotel Steak

Yes, finally I tried the famous steak made in Holycow after months craving. Wondering how the delicacy of wagyu beef meat as Jakartans describe. Popular in social media, the steak resto owned by Chef Afit who work together with his wife developing a hip place to eat in Jakrta. So when me and mu husband spent several day in the city  I asked him to have lunch or dinner there. When we get there around 16.00 the place was closed. A sign board said it opens 11.00-15.00 and 17.00-sold out. After an hour wait we entered the restaurant at non-smoking area on second floor. We ordered the most common menu : wagyu steak ‘Part 1’ for my husband (400 gr) and ‘Part 2’ for me (350 gr), both with mushroom sauce. Apparantly, 350 gr for me was waaay too fulfilling. I could not manage it. Next time I will order something lighter, my husband said it would be better if I ordered kids menu :) One more thing, if you order soft drink it can be refilled for free.

 Short Review :

  • Location : There 3 branches of Holycow, only in Jakarta. We were coming to Jalan Kemang Raya branch. The other branches if I’m not mistaken are at area of Radio Dalam and Sabang.
  • Ambience : It’s a small restaurant and I thought it was a big spaceful resto. The taxi driver didn’t know about this popular restaurant and he had to ask people on street to find the place. There are wooden tables and chairs inside with many photos hanging on the wall. Warm lighting.
  • Service : Nice. They are all so friendly.
  • Taste : The wagyu meat was not as juicy as I expexted but the mushroom sauce was SUPERB. Love it! That what makes the steak so famous.
  • Price : Prepare for around 150K/person I guess

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