Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pepper Lunch

Saturday lunch with a friend and we went to a premium Japanese fast-food resto called Pepper Lunch. Basicly, all menu in Pepper Lunch served in a very hot-plate dish tool, contain rice, meat, egg and vegetables. They have special butter and sauce in their cuisines nom…nom… Everytime a customer walk into the resto, a waiter will give a table number then you can order a menu at a food counter. All your drinks and foods will be served by a waiter to your table. These are what we ordered with a bowl of rice : Chicken & Egg,  Beef BBQ and Wagyu Steak, and Lemon Tea.

Short Review :

  • Location : Paris van Java Mall RLA Floor, Jalan Sukajadi Bandung
  • Service : Many waiter that very helpful, explaining menu , ingredients and how to enjoy your food. We don’t bring our food tray, there are always a waiter who will bring it and show our table. Nice.
  • Ambience : Fast-food restaurant with  customers counter, cozy interior, closed-to-each-other tables so its not too spaceful especially on weekends dining hours.
  • Taste : Yummy, want to try all their dishes. You can balance the taste based on your preference. On avery table there are 2 kind of sauces (sweet and savory, I forget the names), salt and pepper.
  • Price : Umm...pricey, the simple dish can be priced above Rp. 50K and the highest more than 95K

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