Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taste of India….acha acha….

Wondering how Indian cuisines taste in your mouth? Have a dine here, an authentic Indian restaurant Taste of India. Originally Indian doesn’t eat meat, but Taste of India serves beef and chicken as well as vegetables. Happy eating! 

Short Review :
  • Place : Located on Jalan Pasirkaliki 44 Bandung, not in a popular area
  • Ambience : Tables with formal arrangement, Indian handmade wall ornaments, photos of Indian leaders, a TV playing Indian music videos (entertaining…yeah…). I don’t think they have many customers despite of their delicious menus. People, do come here…trust me their dishes are great!
  • Taste : Full of spices and herbs. I had a curiosity of trying Indian bread and curry while watching Indian movies, finally I tasted here and really love the dishes. I also recommend to order Indian special beverages, but not fruit juices. Ooh, I want to try all the chef’s cookery there.
  • Service : Informative and friendly waiter. He happily explained menu details to us.
  • Price : Hmm…prepare around Rp. 75.000/person if you come here. I heard they also offer cheaper dine packages. Prices below exclude 10% tax. Here what we eat :
          Beef Briyani (with Basmati Rice) Rp. 50.000
          Murog Masala (Chicken Curry) Rp. 45.000
          Rumoli Bread : Rp. 7.500/pcs
          Parata Bread : Rp. 5.000/pcs
          Masala Tea (Tea with spices) : Rp. 10.000
          Mango Juice : Rp. 15.000

My tummy was full, I skipped dinner.

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