Friday, December 7, 2012

Questioning Islam #3 : Mass Media Plays Essential Part

I was thinking of posting another Islam after  watching a series of knowledge about what is exactly going on in the world we live in today. The videos called WakeUp Project. Search on YouTube website by inserting keyword “WakeUp Project” or “The Arrival” if you want to find out more. These videos are veerryyy interesting, not just for Muslims but all religions and human nations here on our beloved planet earth. 

I believe the today image of Islam World has been very much influenced by the existence of media. That’s a fact. Media DOES form your opinion and way of thinking. Television is available in every house, this is the most effective media to reach and control our minds. Second media is in printing material as newspaper, book and magazine. Third and fourth, movies and internet. You see, war is not just  physics and weapons but also mind war between religious world and … I must say Zionism with its New World Order goal. Mind war is translated to words Ghazwul Fikr in Arabic phrase. Their propaganda in television shows, movies, songs, commercials and so on has influenced the life style of young muslim that Islamic values has been decreased and dajjalic evil values has become considered as “cool”. Sad…

Here are some basic mis-conception of Islam that featured by mainstream media :

Terrorism and Jihad are probably 2 words associated with Islam. They have different meaning. Do read the article here 

 Suicide bombs that kill innocent people, terrorist or Jihad? Terrorist. There is no any verse in Qur’an that order muslim to kill innocent nor non-muslim. Or even hate them. But we have right to defend from attacker. Islam has war ethic. Justification of war in Islam, permits fighting in self-defence, in defence of religion, or on the part of those who have been expelled forcibly from their homes. It lays down strict rules of combat that include prohibitions against harming civilians and against destroying crops, trees and livestock. Allah even prohibits us to harm animal, muslim also have rules in slaughtering animal. Do read the complete article here. According to Islamic Law those who commit or try to commit suicide are committing a major sin and will be sent to the fire of hell. Even patients who are in severe pain are prohibited to wish death. Holy Prophet said: "Do not harm yourself or injure others"; "Do not wish death even on the death bed" (Bukhari & Muslim). Our way of life is to be showed not forced to people. Da’wah, giving knowledge about Islam in a peaceful way. 

Islam spread by swords? No. Example, there were never a war happened here regarding to Islam spread  in Indonesia and Malaysia where the majority of population is Muslim. Read the complete explanation here.

Just don’t learn Islam from media to avoid mis-conception, learn from Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad saw. And once again Islam followers are not perfect but Islam is perfect. Explore the real truth of Islam is worth a life.

Note : picts taken from here and here.

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