Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fuku Ramen

I tried this new ramen restaurant named Fuku Ramen for a Sunday lunch. Mmm…

 Ramen bar and its open kitchen

 Karage Ramen and Beef Chashu Ramen

 Beef Chashu Ramen closer look...tempting huh?

 Hot and Cold Ocha

Short Review :
  • Location : Jalan Setiabudi next to MacDonald.
  • Ambience : a small ramen restaurant with open kitchen ramen bar, clean. Walls decorated with Japanese style drawings and stickers
  • Taste : I like the ramen, they put nori, mushroom and egg on the ramen. Seasoning also available on the table, I saw dried chilli, salty ketchup and tomato sauce (?).
  • Service : nice...and I like the ramen bowl and hot ocha cup :)
  • Price : affordable, around 25-31K rupiahs.

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