Saturday, August 11, 2012

Coloured Days

Hello folks,

Lately I tried some new products. They’re a bag, make up kit and macaroons cookies. Umm…quite satisfied with them…let’s take a quick look : 

 My latest collection of sling bag from an online store. You won’t believe the price, it’s under 100K Rupiah. This looks like a trendy-and-expensive oxford or satchel bag, except the flowery cover bag.

 Face foundation called Blemless Balm Cream and Lip Colours product of Caring Martha Tilaar. I am their consumer and the brands has sold the products worldwide and labelled Halal. Btw, the wallet was made in east part of Indonesia, Nusa Tenggara. Lovely.

Macaroons cookies! Didn’t make them but buy them :p. One of trendy cakes besides Rainbow, Velvet, Ombre, Cup Cakes and whatsoever. I like these baby macaroons, they’re crunchy, sweet and able to colour your day :) Altough, still my fave cake is cheese cake from Cizz.

Happy colouring your day!

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