Sunday, July 29, 2012

Muslimah Traveler Blog

Hello! So excited to post the news that I have made another blog. This newest one contains posts with travelling topic. Check out the blog here.

I can not go anywhere I want considering what I must do here for living so travelling to places in the world is like “dreams” to me. But in a year I usually spend a bit of my time for a journey which I enjoy it so much. I like travelling, taking pictures and writing something related. So then I decided to make another blog, specialized for travelling stories only. Anyone (male or female, not just muslimah) can post a story too, write and send yours to my e-mail address :

Stories may include your journey experiences, muslim community in some place (oh I love to read and see muslim lifes outside Indonesia), mosque, Islamic historical building, tips and trick, halal restaurants information and some others. English or Indonesian stories are welcome. So let’s share.

Salaam :)

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