Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Ramadhan

The ambience on the the special month Ramadhan is strongly unchangeable by any other month. Especially here in Indonesia where the world’s largest muslim population live. Indonesian perform shaum/fasting for about 12 hours per day, while in Europe muslim fasting for 20 hours long! Wow… what a long summer day. 

I love Ramadhan’s ambience, special dishes for breakfasting/iftar & sahoor and Taraweeh prayer. I usually perform Taraweeh in the nearest amazing local mosque Al-Irsyad.Take a look the inside of Al Irsyad :


My fave breakfasting menu is definitely warm tea and dates/kurma. The most popular Indonesian sweet flavor breakfasting menu during Ramadhan called Kolak. My family usually consume it followed by savory snack :p. Dinner is served after Taraweeh with fruit. For sahoor we usually eat something left from last dinner or just some quick cooking dishes. 

Happy Ramadhan folks! Btw, read my lite post about Al-Irsyad Mosque here.

Note : inside Al Irsyad Mosque taken from here

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