Sunday, June 3, 2012

Poetre Wax & Spa

Pampering myself by enjoying a 120 minutes spa (Javana head-to-toe massage + green tea scrubbing) at Poetre Wax and Spa. The place was originally a big house modified to a spa place, so there are no partitions with beds but large rooms with 2 beds each inside with a bath room. Quiet comfortable and private. One of the spa owner is Wulan Guritno, Indonesian artist. Poetre head office and branches are in Jakarta with several branches in other cities include Bandung.

Short Review :
  • Place : located on Jalan Reog I no 5 in the middle of housing area, easy to find as it’s near main street.
  • Ambience : medium music were played (Balinese, soft modern piano intrumentalia, and sounds of birds chirping) while treatment, dim light.
  • Service : friendly staff and theraphyst with their Balinese wardrobe, the massage and scrubbing was very detail, special attention in head massage (other spa probably only give a short massage on this body part).
  • Product : home made products distributed by Jakarta head office, I love the scent they’re smell so good, soft and relaxing.
  • Price : standard, 120 minutes spa priced 175K
Note : pict taken from Poetre adv. material

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