Friday, April 6, 2012

The Spa at SanGria

After months at last I could have spaaa…yeayyy… This time I visit The Spa at SanGria Resort. Long time ago once I had a swim here, the pool floor is so blue surrounded by trees down in valley. So beautiful…so peaceful… And the spa… comment except feel like heaven on earth :)

 Room for reflexology, meditation or just a waiting room...look at the view...

 Ready to relax and being pampered :)

 Private shower-ing...

 View from the worry no people could stare to me :)

 The spa products

Short Review :
  • Place : Located in Jalan Holtikultura Lembang, quiet far from Bandung while traffic jam happens on weekends. About 100m from the main road, this is a resort with rooms, restaurant, café, swimming pool and spa. The view here is awesome…valley, trees and fresh air around…
  • Ambience : Perfect place as a sanctuary with its green view, private room and soft volume music…the spa room is private for single person or couple, equipped with shower and toilet…so comfy…
  • Service : Super friendly staff, nice head-to-toe massage of the therapist. After the treatment they served hot ginger drink.
  • Products : The Spa produces their own spa products from oil, lotion, soap, etc.
  • Price : Pricey, worth the place and service. It’s cheaper if we buy a treatment in a package.

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