Friday, March 16, 2012

Mimpi Sejuta Dolar

Biography written by Albertin Endah about Indonesian  young woman Merry Riana. She reached her first 1 million dollar income in age 26 because of her hard work in selling financial products in Singapore. Now she’s still running financial business’, besides working as a writer, advertising model, seminar speaker and a motivator!

This recommended book tells us Merry Riana’s journey from the beginning she graduated from high school and entered a university in NTU Singapore with limited money (forced by 1998 chaos situation in Jakarta, using student loan from DBS and she only had 10 SGD for a whole week meal!), did several freelance jobs, had few business failures, until she graduated and tried to make income by working as a insurance sales… not applying job in a big company as her friends did. Time by time she felt the enjoyment and never give up reaching her dreams by praying to God, getting her parents willingness, finding marketing and communication ideas, discipline and hardworking. For only about 2 years she made a million dollar commission and got the highest position as President Star Club. Wooow…

 Today, she keep running her company and she committed to be more involving in charity programs to make people lives better life…

This really inspires me not to become just an employee but try to make my own business or market something (and I think I know what kind of product, not clothing fyi :)

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